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Burglar takes valuables from home in Charleston
June 03, 2024

Where To Store Valuables In Your Charleston Property

Would you like to figure out a better spot to hide your spare cash and expensive jewelry? It’s handy to have quick access to things like money and your preferred diamond bracelet, but you don’t want to leave them out in plain view. Learn where to store valuables in your Charleston home and how you may keep intruders out of your house altogether with a modern home security system.

Clever Spots For Your Personal Treasures

Steer clear of the obvious and get creative when stowing valuables in your home. Even though a difficult-to-crack safe is always a good idea, you will frequently want swift, simpler access to your extra cash and possessions. Here are a few possibilities.

  • Hiding in public areas. Hollow books in a library, emptied-out coffee containers on a shelf in the pantry, and faux cleaning products under the bathroom sink all function as effective, unpredicted areas for valuables. Just make certain what you use does not look out of place, like having only one book on a shelf.
  • Boxes with mundane labels blended in with others. What are the odds a burglar is going to dig through all the boxes in your storage area with labels such as “School Projects,” “Holiday Supplies,” or “Old Clothes.” After all, they wish to depart your home in a hurry. You might even place them in your kid’s bedroom closet, which trespassers are likely to stay out of.
  • Dressers with false-bottom drawers. You may get them prefabricated or make one yourself. It’s a straightforward way to create some area to hide things.

A heavy, bolted-down floor safe is a smart possibility if you have things you don’t have to access instantly or regularly. Intruders may think to check it, but they aren’t likely going to take much time trying to open or grab it, especially if they hear a home security alarm blaring.

What Are Some Spots To Steer Clear Of?

Don’t make life easy for intruders. Make certain money and other items aren’t sitting out, and avoid putting them in these common areas:

  • Expected sites like your nightstand, jewelry box, desk drawer, and underwear drawer.
  • CD and DVD cases. Regardless of your taste in music and movies, these objects are quick, easy to grab, and will likely be pilfered.
  • Cookie jar. If you have a tendency to stash money in here, find a less familiar spot. It only takes a thief a second or two to grab it.
  • Locked file cabinet. Here’s the simple truth: file cabinet locks are simply circumvented with the right tools. You’re better off keeping your passports and other essential documents in a more secure area.
  • Unsecured wall safe. Some wall safes could be easily removed by going through drywall and hauled away to be cracked open off site. Make sure it’s firmly attached, or opt for a stronger floor safe.

Dissuade Intruders With A New Home Security System In Charleston

Why not keep thieves out of your Charleston residence in the first place with an innovative home security system? If burglars are surveying a community and see surveillance equipment, a doorbell camera, and home security signage, they’ll in all likelihood move on to a less-protected target. If they do try to sneak in, your entryway sensors and motion-detection equipment will set off your alarm, alerting you and your 24-hour monitoring agents.

Call Secure24 Alarm Systems To Request The Best Protection In Charleston

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